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In an effort to simplify entry into the Club Championships for 2018,

we will be moving both Fall and Winter leagues to the following format:

15-Week/15-Team Leagues; 12 Games Played - 3 Byes

First 8 Weeks are Round Robin

Last 4 weeks are Bonspiel Format:  3 Games played on your regular night and

Club Championship Spiel will run April 27-29

2018 Winter League Info

November 6th @ Noon – Founder Registration Opens

November 15th @ Noon – General Registration Opens

Cost per team:  $720 + tax = $771.30

Sunday Doubles League Cost per team:  $360 + tax = $385.65

January 7th – Winter League Begins for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Leagues

January 18th – Winter League Begins for Thursday Leagues

All league participants must have their FSCC membership up to date.

Winter Leagues


Sunday 4:00pm – Open Rec:  LINKSUN4

Sunday 6:15pm - 5 & Under (Novice):  LINKSUN615

Sunday 8:30pm - Two-Person Doubles:  LINKSUN830

Monday 6:00pm – 5 & Under (Novice):  LINKMON6

Monday 8:15pm – Open Rec:  LINKMON815

Tuesday 6:00pm – Open Rec:  LINKTUES6

Tuesday 8:15pm – Open Rec:  LINKTUES815

Wednesday 6:00pm – Open Rec:  LINKWED6

Wednesday 8:15pm – Super League (Advanced):  LINKWED815

Thursday 6:00pm – Open Rec:  LINKTHUR6

Thursday 8:15pm – 5 & Under (Novice):  LINKTHUR815

Individuals Looking for a Team - LINKIND

Payment must be made in full to secure your spot in any league.  Reminder to contact me BEFORE payment if you have instructor credits to be applied to any player on your team.  You will not lose your team spot if I'm notified ASAP to apply credits.

   If you have any questions, please contact Carrie at 763-780-3328 x17 or